• Get Gustaf

    Artificial Intelligence

    for hotel management


  • How Gustaf helps

    Gustaf is an assistant for every manager in your hotel: artificial intelligence that helps handle issues more quickly, more consistently, with less hassle, keeping your people focused on what matters most: delivering the best guest experience

    Increase Operating Profit

    Devote management and associate time to guests, not internal business and operational issues

    • Labor is the largest line item of hotel operating expense.
    • Ensuring your managers and associates are 100% focused on guests, not operational tasks, is your biggest profit lever across the business cycle.
    • Gustaf handles everyday internal management tasks, automatically managing regulations and compliance issues, and keeping your associates efficient, optimized and energized
  • What Gustaf Can Do

    Fill Last Minute Shifts

    Keep your managers on the floor and let Gustaf handle call outs and urgent shifts. Gustaf uses your employee communication tools, phone or text to contact your off duty associates for you, diligently following all rules and regulations

    Manage Compliance

    Let your managers tell Gustaf what they need, and Gustaf will get it done with full compliance and audit trail. Gustaf will even talk to your scheduling and time and attendance systems for you.

    Performance Feedback

    Gustaf will help your managers and associates provide each other continuous feedback. Gustaf makes feedback part of every week's operations.

    Staff Training

    Let Gustaf help your managers groom associates, build their skills, and share best practices. Gustaf can share brief questions and videos to help grow your teams' skills.

  • Solution Highlights

    Gustaf balances efficiency with fairness

    Cleaners on a Union Property

    Working nights

    Janitors on a union property work the night shift with set route assignments and hours, but things come up. Gustaf handles the call out, bringing in the right janitor based on seniority and overtime rules, even contacting people in multiple languages, with multiple phones, using text or voice.

    Non-union F&B

    Handling surges

    Servers and bartenders in a non-union F&B group work in an ever changing environment, where one property can be busier than forecast and another slower. Gustaf handles the rush, calling in the most reliable and experienced servers, and knowing who works best together as a team.